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Frequently Asked Questions
What antivirus do you recommend? 

Eset NOD32. Light, powerful, great detection rate, and blocks most potentially unwanted apps from being installed.

How soon do you think it’ll be before you can look at my computer? 

Depends on the workload, but usually no later than 2 business days.

Am I better off fixing this one or getting a new one? 

If it’s older than 4 years, it’s borderline worth the cost, although if you have legacy software that can only run on xp/vista/7 then it’s worth fixing.

Will I lose my documents? 

This depends on what needs fixed on the computer. If it was a ransomware virus that infected your computer, having a backup before the infection is the only way to guarantee that you won’t lose them. If we need to reimage your computer, we back up your information first before proceeding.

Do you work on inkjet printers?

No, we stopped working on them due to the price of replacement being lower than the cost of repair. Although, we can determine if why you can’t print is a software issue or hardware issue.

What would you recommend? A laptop or desktop? 

Desktops have always been the powerhouses of computers, and provide a greater option for upgrades. If you’re looking for performance, I’d recommend a desktop.

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